We have most stable formulation of white toothpaste with calcium carbonate. We can give one of the best blend of mint/spearmint/ clove bared flavour. We can supply either in laminate/plastic tube/aluminium tube.

We can supply toothpaste with antibacterial agents like triclosan or chlorhezidine gluconate.

Contains pure extracts of Neem (Azadirachta indica), Yashtimadhu (Glyeyrrhiza Glabra), Babul ( Acacia Arabica) and meswak (Salvadora persica).

Helps fight tooth decay, removes ddental plaque, resists gum swelling and bleeding.

We can supply toothpaste with herbal extracts like basil & clove.

Gives that sparkle to childrens teeth. With bubble gum flavour and does not contain saccharine that is harmful to childrens teeth.

We can supply you with 2 in 1 or striped toothpaste with any 2 different colours and flavours.

We can give gel toothpaste with mouth refreshing flavour in laminated tube or aluminium tube. We can supply gel toothpaste with any colour (i.e. red / blue / green etc.)

Packaging: As per Client requirement